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IKEBANA Virgin Coconut Oil is a carrier oil, can use directly on the skin and hair, also used to dilute essential oils. The oil is organic, unrefined and cold pressed. VIRGIN COCONUT OIL is  produced out of fresh coconut milk, the coconut meat, or the residue.  It is a food that hails from Southeast Asia where fresh coconuts are cold-pressed right after harvesting. The fresh meat inside each nut yields a pure, smooth oil that is never deodorized, bleached, or refined. Coconut contains lauric acid, a medium-chain fatty acid also found in human breast milk. It contains no cholesterol, no fiber, and only traces of vitamins, minerals, and plant sterols.


Lustrous hair and a healthier scalp can be achieved by mixing Coconut Oil with essential oils that are known to have hair benefits.

  • Protect the scalp against the discomfort of dryness and the formation of dandruff.
  • It could be the deep conditioner of hairs.
  • Creates a DIY hair mask.
  • It is useful to tame frizz.
  • Coconut Oil is a great removerof eye makeup.


IKEBANA Virgin Coconut Oil can be use into the face, body and hairs.

  • It cleanses and nourishes skin.
  • It makes skin it soft and silky.
  • It could be a great lotion of skin.


  • IKEBANA Virgin Coconut Oil may help boost levels of good cholesterol.
  • It may help preserve insulin sensitivity.
  • it appeared to reduce stress resulting from exercise and chronic cold.
  • Virgin Coconut oil could Prevent liver diseases.
  • It can Reduce asthma symptoms.
  • It Improves satiety.
  • Coconut oil is a commonly used as a hydrating oil in its raw form or as an ingredient in moisturizers.


Measured when packed. Glass bottles/jars are sincerely sanitized.


Store the IKEBANA Virgin Coconut Oil in cool & dry place.

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