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IKEBANA EDIBLE SANDALWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL is highly concentrated, natural plant-based aromatic fluid that offers a wealth of benefits when used safely in aromatherapy, skincare, personal care, spiritual and other wellness and mindful applications. This organic product comes inclusive of various distinct aromatic compounds that prove highly beneficial for your notable health. Sandalwood Essential Oil hails with a warm, smooth and creamy scent. Doesn’t contain any artificial fillers. Safe to use and long-lasting.


  • It is known to be the perfect assistance when it comes to the alleviation of stress.
  • Enable skin to transmit the essential messages to the brain.
  • Helpful in controlling your emotions.
  • Sandalwood oil helps in the managing of emotional as well as a physiological response.
  • Women dealing with breast cancer would experience relaxation in their anxiety disorder.
  • Responsible for facilitating consumers with healthier sleep, especially for the insomniacs.
  • It flushes out toxins and also removes the infection from the body.
  • These serve as a great help when it comes to the curing of various diseases associated with the urinary tract.
  • Sandalwood oil would be the best assistance in treating other ailments such as dysuria, bronchitis, and cystitis.
  • Its constituents would help you in lowering down your weight and give you a healthy physique.


  • Smooth the skin and balanced complexion.
  • Reduce damage caused by free radicals which promote aging and give back its elasticity.
  • Clear acne and pimples and soothe skin.
  • Remove dark spots and scars.
  • Fights with wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines.
  • Reduce tanning and pigmentation.
  • The soothing and calming effect of sandalwood on the skin acts as a cure for prickly heat.
  • Promote healthy clear skin.
  • Moisturizes and tones the skin with mild astringent action.
  • Sandalwood oil may act as a natural sunscreen because of its hydrating properties.
  • Very useful for sensitive and irritated skin.


  • Maintain a soft texture and to promote natural volume and illustriousness.
  • Provides moisturizing care for the scalp and tresses.
  • Stimulate hair growth.
  • Cleansing and soothing, sandalwood oil naturally keep oily scalps free from dandruff.
  • Prevents split ends, frizzy hair and dull hair


Prior to using Ikebana Edible Sandalwood Essential Oil, a skin test is recommended. This can be done by diluting 1 drop of the Essential Oil in 4 drops of a Carrier Oil and applying a dime-size amount of this blend to a small area of skin that is not sensitive. The Oil must never be used near the eyes, inner nose, and ears, or on any other particularly sensitive areas of skin.


Ikebana Edible Sandalwood Essential Oil is for external use only unless otherwise indicated. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and it should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or under the care of a medical practitioner. Store the oil in cool & dry place and keep out of reach of children.

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